Understanding Mental Health Through Music

GMA Canada Covenant Award nominee Charlene Nash‘s ‘Asylum’ project was very important to us.

When we think about mental health initiatives for youth, especially in Canada, it’s easy to see where there is progress – but it’s also easy to see where we need to further support for young people. Whether that be better mentors, more accepting and compassionate workplaces, or just deeper outlets for youth to talk about their struggles, more can always be done to ensure our next generation is receiving the support they need. This notion is what drew us to Charlene and her ‘Asylum’ EP project.

At its core, Charlene’s EP is about the battlefield of the mild and how daily struggles with depression and anxiety can take hold. Her message of hope through adversity resonated with us and we knew immediately Charlene was the kind of artist we wanted to work with.

We worked closely with Charlene on her EP cover design and music launch party. We created a hashtag around her EP, “#AsylumEP”, and posited the question “what does Asylum mean to you?” to her fans. We wanted to gather youth experiences and relate it back to her project, showing solidarity amongst young people. Also in an effort to relate to her niche audience, we designed an event poster that drew inspiration from club event designs, making it easily accessible and familiar to 18-29-year-olds.

We worked with Toronto area stylist and YouTuber, Jalen Nelson (LickMyFashion), who was the official host of the launch party. It was designed as a Q&A with music – Jalen interviewed Charlene about the project’s themes and she sang select songs from the EP tracklisting. The environment was crowded but cozy as listeners reflected on and connected with Charlene’s music and emotional story.

89faction was responsible for art design, social media planning, photography, and event management.

For more information on 89faction’s ‘Asylum’ involvement, please read our case study here.

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