A Different Kind of Party

When Gladiator Records announced they were putting on another show-stopping, end-of-year party, we knew we needed to present something different.

We had already heard about Gladiator Records and 80 Empire from our attendance the previous year, so when we were approached with a sponsorship opportunity for the Gladiator Records’ 2nd Annual Holiday Bash and Divine Brown Release Party, we decided to take them up on their offer.  Our first idea was to present a media wall for attendees to take pictures and interact with, but we felt for such an intimate event, a higher degree of engagement was necessary. We wanted attendees to feel like they were part of the family – the Gladiator Family consisting of the label’s artists and collaborators. We wanted this feeling extended to all guests.

89faction presented Gladiator Records with the Instagram engagement idea and they immediately approved. Instead of a stagnant engagement platform, 89faction representatives moved through the crowd, snapping pictures with the frame and many attendees. Every picture was then uploaded to Instagram with our custom hashtag and displayed on images around the venue. If people were shy before, they definitely began to open up once they saw fun pictures of themselves and other attendees streaming throughout the venue.

The board became a huge success and served as a great icebreaker for guests. 89faction continued to monitor the live social media feed throughout the night.

For more information on 89faction’s involvement, please read our case study here.

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