Introducing Fifth Mode Management

89faction were on hand when artist management company Fifth Mode Management wanted to kickstart their brand.

With Fifth Mode Management, we had to develop a brand that wasn’t only attractive to potential clients but stood apart from other artist management companies in the Toronto area. Their focus was on developing an artist as a person – instead of just focusing solely on an artist’s talent, they wanted to make sure every aspect of artist development was taken care of, including artist voice and production.

The other thing Fifth Mode wanted to focus on was a sleek, professional look; therefore, the colours black, white, and royal blue were chosen. The decision to have the text in all capitals was meant to perpetuate the sleekness of the brand.

Once we had decided on what the brand would be and how it would look, we had to put together a website that was still sleek and professional but inclusive. Our client didn’t want a lot of text or a lot of contradictory information: just simple descriptions and ways to contact the company. The text utilizes bold and normal face for emphasis and is just another way we tried to convey the professional look without being too wordy.


For more information on 89faction’s involvement, please read our case study here.